Say Bye To Sun Tan With Home Made Face Pack

Home made beauty products are always better than the quick and easy store bought chemical items. Here are few anti tan masks which you can easily make at home for a healthy and glowing skin.

Cucumber and Tomato– Cucumber is very effective for skin brightening and lightening. It also treats open pores, reduces the dark circles, and hydrates the skin. It is an excellent cleanser too. Tomatoes on the other hand protects the skin from open pores, helps in cell repair, gives a glowing skin, and is helpful in acne and prevents excessive oil production by the skin glands. Therefore it is considered a good natural astringent for the skin. Grate tomato and cucumber and mix gram flour to bind this mixture. If you want to add more things then add a little cream or yogurt, few drops of lemon and a pinch of turmeric. A little bit of honey will also be beneficial.

Yogurt and gram flourYogurt is one of the best natural cure for tan. Its citric properties makes sure that most of the tan is removed and is also a good bleaching and moisturizing agent. Its a good moisturizer for oily skin. Gram flour in addition helps in making the skin lighter and helps fighting acne, pimples, blemishes, dark spots, pigmentation. It also helps in achieving an even skin tone and lightens the facial hair. Mix gram flour, lemon juice and yogurt. Apply this paste on face and leave it for 15 minutes and wash it with water.

Turmeric and raw milk– It is said that raw milk has bleaching properties and therefore it makes the skin tone lighter and also removes the dirt and impurities off the skin. Add some turmeric and lime juice to raw milk and apply it on face for a clean blemish free skin.

Lemon– Lemon is a natural bleach and cleanser and washes out the dead cells from skin. But it also opens up the pores while doing so. Therefore remember to add rose water and honey or sugar for moisturizing side by side. Lemon and sugar mixed together and applied to face and hands acts as a natural scrub, taking out the dead skin and blackheads off the skin.

Masoor DaL (Red Lentil)– It is one of the best thing for anti tan scrubs. Soak it in water for half an hour and prepare a paste by grinding it. You can add tomato and aloe vera for added advantage. Apply this on the face,  leave and massage a little after 15-20 minutes and wash off.

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