3 Natural Ingredients Which Are Excellent As Skin Toners

Toners are very very important for skin as it reduces fine lines, maintains ph level of the skin and locks down natural moisture of the skin.But do you know that you can easily make a toner at home and that too with natural ingredients. The best part is that you can make them fresh and store them in fridge for couple of days and then again make a fresh batch. This way your skin won’t be harmed with the preservatives and artificial fragrances which most of the store bought products contain. Here are a few natural toners for the skin…

ACV– Apple cider vinegar works as a natural toner. And since it is very powerful therefore you should never use it undiluted. Mix one part ACV in two parts water and use it all over the face with the help of a cotton. Wash off 5-10 minutes. This toner is excellent for oily and pimple prone skin and regular use will also reduce the problem of excessive oil.

Rose Water– Rose water is another natural toner which is excellent for skin. It treats uneven skin tone and helps in fighting signs of skin aging. You can make rose water at home but remember to buy organic chemical free roses to make one. This toner suits all skin types.

Rice Water– We bet that you will stop buying toner once you use rice water. Rice water is one of the most powerful natural ingredient which is also an excellent toner. It works instantly. If you are suffering from uneven skin tone, open pores, pigmentation then you should use rice water regularly to get flawless and younger looking skin. Simply boil handful of rice in water and once the water reduces and becomes thick, switch off the flame. Use this water all over the face. Keep for 10-15 minutes and wash off.

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