5 classy heena designs for the bridesmaid

If you are a bridesmaid and if you are looking for a henna design which is not too over the top, then watch this article. These simple designs are striking and noticeable for the occasion, and also keeps the things subtle and classy at the same time.

The basic design– The basic design can have the nails and half of the finger covered in heena, after which basic lines and half circle designs can be mixed and matched to create a noticeable heena design.

The chain design– If you like delicate designs then this one is for you. A simple chain style design can connect the lower part with the finger design.

Geometric shapes– The broach style geometric shape design looks striking too. You can further add a small bracelet design on the wrist to complete the design.

The bracelet– A thick bracelet can also accompany the finger heena design. You can take inspiration from delicate lace patterns which look beautiful on heena hands.

Double pattern– You can also go in for a double pattern design instead of the single one.

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