5 Heena Designs For Fingers Which Look Surreal

Fingers done with heena look so beautiful, but if you like this style of Mehndi then there are so many other options to try out from. Watch out for these unique ideas which will make finger heena design’s more imposing.

Finger designs with a center broach– Heena done on fingers can be matched with a single broach style element at the center of the hand.

Designs with painted upper– A heena design looks altogether more appealing when the first top part of the fingers are covered entirely in heena.

Lace inspired– Simple lace inspired designs look contemporary and out of the box. Those fingers done in heena can be matched with a design which resembles bridal lace gloves.

Abstract designs– Abstract designs never go out of fashion. It’s a perfect design for all those who don’t seem to like the tradition design setup.

Positive Negative– This heena style never fails to impress as it creates a very distinctive and eye catchy design.

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