5 Ways To Use Lacework For Cushions

Delicate lacework can add a really nice texture to plain cushions. All you have to do is to decide a pattern to go with your theme, and a lace of your choice. You can choose shuttle lace, cotton hacoba lace, lacework or chantley fabrics and even the crochets motifs. Well they all will look simply amazing. Here is how to use them….

Half half pattern– A crochet or a simple lacework design can be used vertically on the cushion to give this kind of an effect. keep the lace in natural color, or you can even get them dyed in contrast shades. Remember to do a patch test before getting them dyed as a cotton lace will take the dye nicely, but the same would not be the case with a polyester one.

Net fabric– If you want to cover a larger area then using a delicate and almost transparent net fabrics can also be used instead of those narrow lace versions. These fabrics will give your cushion a nice peek-a-boo kind of effect as the original texture and color of the cushion can easily be seen from underneath.

Use in sections– You can also use numerous small cutouts of laces or crochet motifs to create a pattern on a cushion. Well how you do it, is upto you.

Use it on seams– If you are thinking to sew different fabrics together for a cushion then do use a lace on the seam for finishing. Keep the lace on the plain side and it will look super creative.

Lace flowers– You can also make beautiful flowers with lace and crochets motifs. Decide on a pattern and place your flowers accordingly.

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