5 Ways To Keep The Napkins While Setting Dinner Table

Table setting is an art which very few master. But for those who are really interested in this art are always looking out for new ways to do it. This article works precisely on finding out the best possible ways to place the napkins while setting the dinner table. Here are a few options….

Hang it– You can simply hang the napkins by placing it in between the plates. This style looks striking when the napkins are made of contrast colors, or when they have a design which you would want to flaunt.

Fold them on the side– You can also fold the napkins and keep them on the side of the plate. Your basic cutlery can come on the top of it then.

Use a napkin holder– There are so many different varieties of napkin holders available in the market. You can choose something which best suits your taste and use it to decorate and hold your napkins at place. You can either keep the napkins on the plate, or they can even be kept on one side of the plate.

The triangular shape– Well this one is an easy option which can be done in seconds. Simply double fold the napkin in triangular shape and keep them on the plate. You can spread a matching runner on the table too.

The rectangular fold– You can also play with the shape of the napkin fold and give it a rectangular shape. Keep the napkin on the plate and then place the cutlery above it.

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