13 Basic Table Manners and Etiquette You Should Watch Out For

Table manners are the rules used while eating and to make having meals more presentable and to enjoy it socially amongst your friends and family. Different cultures observe different rules for table manners. Here are few basic table etiquette which you should follow in day to day life….

Wait for the host– Before starting the meal it is important to wait for the host to start first. It is considered inappropriate to start by yourself in the absence of the host. Once everyone settles down at the dinner table the host can request everyone to start with the meal.

Do not make sounds while eating– While eating your food chew it properly while the mouth closed. Also do not make sounds while chewing the food which makes others uncomfortable to enjoy their meal. If you are drinking something then do not sip loudly, do it gently so that you don’t attract unwanted attention from the fellow dinners.

Take small portions– Do not fill up your plate as if there won’t be an another day. Take small portions and finish it first before taking more.

No smartphones please– Imagine a guest who is more interested in checking the messages and calls on the dinner table rather than enjoying the meal or interacting with you. No, not done no….. and therefore its a rule to keep your phones on silent or vibrate mode before sitting with everyone on the table.

Use Napkin– The cloth napkins are meant to keep on the lap and not to be wrapped around the T-shirt or shirt. Use them so you don’t spoil your dress and the floor if accidentally you spill something.

Take care of silverware– Once you start using the silverware, always place it on the plate and do not keep it elsewhere on the table.

Don’t reach across the table– If you need something and it is far from you then gently request the person sitting near to it to pass it on to you rather than reaching all across the table to pick the stuff.

Be interactive– Help in making meal time a pleasant one by interacting with the fellow diners. It will be so boring to have a pin drop silence while everyone is busy finishing the meal.

Wait for others to finish– It is considered rude to leave the dinner table all by yourself. Wait for everyone to finish before getting up.

Place the napkins on the table– Once you are ready to leave the table, place the used napkin on the table and not over the plate or elsewhere.

Push back the chair in– Once done and you are ready to leave the table push in the chair back and do not leave it as is.

Take your plate– Always keep your plate in the washing sink and do not leave it unattended for others to pick it up. You should leave it only if the hosts asks you to do so, and then too only if the host has a maid to do these chores.

Say Thank you– Lastly do not forget to say thank you for a great meal you just had.

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