Use Potato To Do Block Printing With This Simple Technique

Block printing is one of the most ancient printing technique. But do you know that you can create simple blocks by carving designs on a common vegetable like a potato. This sort of printing is called potato stamping or block printing with potato. So next time when you feel like indulging in some creative home project do try this technique. And this is how you can do it….

The circular pattern– You can create this beautiful pattern by cutting the potato in half. Keep one part as is, and create a simple line pattern on the second one. Now first stamp the surface with the plain potato (yellow color), and once it dries up completely use the second line block to create pattern in contrast color (pink and blue) above it.


Simple lines– For this design you will have to choose a long potato so that you are able to block more lines in one go while stamping.

Star shapes– Create wonderful star patterns over your plain cushion covers or table napkins and they will look great.

Use cookie cutters– If carving takes time and you are in a hurry, then you can also take help of different cookie cutters to create different shapes on potato for printing.

Image reference- Pinterest

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    1. Yes you can use the regular fabric paints available in the market or you can also use block printing pigments for this project.If you wish to go all natural, then use natural ingredients like coffee, turmeric, beetroots juice and so on. But off course natural dyes have limitations and if you are fine with them then nothing like that.

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