Give Old Fabrics A New Life With Block Printing At Home

Block printing adds a ethnic touch to whatever it is done upon, and nevertheless is also one of the easiest printing technique for home printing.

And if you have old stuff lying at home which no longer attracts you and needs to be discarded then wait… here are few ideas which can be used for an entire makeover of the old things.

Just choose your blocks and colors and get going.

Cushion covers– If you have plain or self textured cushion covers which you find boring, then revamp them with the help of simple block printing.

One piece blocks are easy to use when you are a beginner, though you won’t have the choice of playing with colors in this style but then its super easy and fast to block with them. The first cushion is done in the same style. Do not forget to line the upper layer of the cushion with old newspapers or old cloth, otherwise the design with leave its impression on the back side of the cushion too.

Book covers– If you like fancy book covers and have some leftover pieces of fabrics at home, then block print them and use it as book covers. They are durable than using paper covers and therefore last longer.

Table covers– You can also turn old fabric pieces to interesting table covers, runners and napkins for your dining table. Even the existing ones can be printed like this if they are in self textures or tone on tone prints. And if you have existing linens in darker shades then you can always go for khari prints in gold, silver and bronze.

Curtains– Want to replace old curtains because they seem boring, then here is a trick to use them again. Add interesting textures to your old curtains with the help of hand block printing and they will look all new.


Image reference: Pinterest

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