6 Luscious Smoothie Recipes For Summer

It’s summer time and therefore its also a season in which we get a variety of different fruits.

But sometimes it becomes boring to have the same fruits again and again till the time you don’t get creative and add flavors to it.

Here are few mouthwatering smoothie recipes which are super easy and simple to make.

So enjoy them in breakfast or replace your evening snacks by trying these healthy fruit smoothies.

Cocoa Banana Smoothie– In  a blender blend in 1 frozen banana, cocoa powder, a pinch of cinnamon, yogurt and chocolate flavoured soy milk. You will get addicted to this smoothie and the kids will just fall in love with this version. You can also add nuts and oats to increase its nutritional value.

Strawberry Oats Smoothie– In a blender take 1 banana with 1/4th cup strawberries and 1/4th cup oats, a cup of yogurt and blend everything together. You can also add few chopped dry fruits like almonds and cashews for nutty flavor. Adding honey or sugar is up to you, since it already gets little sweetness from fruits.

Banana Smoothie– Blend in 2 sliced bananas with 1/2 cup yogurt, a pinch of cinnamon, vanilla essence and ice. You can also add 1/2 cup milk to make it more thin. Add honey at last and enjoy. You can also add mango to this smoothie to give it a tangy punch.

Mango Avocado smoothie– Take 1 ripe and chopped mango in a blender, to which add 1/4th chopped avocado, honey, lime juice and yogurt.

Pineapple Coconut smoothie– Freeze coconut water in an ice tray and use these ice cubes to prepare this smoothie. In a blender take coconut water ice cubes and add chopped pineapple and honey to it. Squeeze in some fresh lime juice and pulse till everything turns to a smooth consistency.

Apricot Mango smoothie– Take peeled and chopped apricots and mango in a blender and add little yogurt, lemon juice, vanilla essence and ice cubes to it and pulse until smooth.

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