Love For Hand Block Printing

Indian Block printing is considered as one of an ancient textile art which includes a lot of labor and process to go in between before you get the final product. A full hand process machines are nowhere used in between. Though machine printing is available in cheap rates and is quick too, but the intricate design beautifully done by human hands are always way too special. Here are few block print products which can be used in daily life…

Block Print Dress– Considered a western silhouette but it can be hand blocked in various patterns for a lovely dress.


Block Print Sachets– Give a personalized touch to the gifting options by creating block printed sachets to keep gifts, you can also keep them at home and keep daily use items in it.


Block Print Bag– Take beautifully printed hand bags in various fabrics like canvas, jute, leather, cotton etc. and team them up with your look. They look good with Indian as well as western dressing.


Book Covers– Colorful covers in variety of textile motifs, well who does not wants to have such books and diaries with beautiful hand crafted covers.


Block Print Cushion– One of the most elegant thing to have at home is having hand blocked home textiles like cushions, bed sheets, bed covers, quilts etc. Since most of the home textiles is done on cotton, they are a very good option for your home.


Block Print Jacket– Breezy fine cotton jackets for summers will protect you from sun in style and in winters you can choose for a hand blocked quilted jacket.


Block Print Kurta– Mostly used for making kurtas and Kurtis, they look very ethnic, royal and graceful.


Image Reference: Pinterest

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