Balloon Decoration Ideas

Balloons are everyone’s favorite as they are a good option for decoration. They come in varied colors and prints which can be choosen according to the theme. Mixing and matching it with other mediums, makes it look more attractive and creative. Here are few ideas how they can be used to make your party shine like never before. So next time you want to use balloons, drop those age old balloon ideas and try these new ones…


Bottle Cover– Choose the balloon size according to the size of the bottle. Choose a round balloon for this one. Just slip the bottle in and you have a bottle cover ready. You can choose from plain to the printed ones. Polka dot pattern is not a bad option too.


Balloon Decoration– Wrap up balloon with a tulle and tie it up with ribbons. Alternatively you can use flowers at the tie up for a floral look.


Balloon and Tissue Flowers-


Wall Art with Balloons– Choose balloons according to the color of your wall. Pastel shade balloons look nice over light shades. Blow them up in different sizes and stick them up with tape. You can place them randomly or create a pattern.


Glitter BalloonsPerfect for a party lover, you would love it if you love glitter. Spray some adhesive and sprinkle glitter in multi shades. You can create patterns too.

Balloon Cloud– Bunch of Balloons tied up in a form of cloud and paper raindrops falling can be a center of attraction for ceilings, window display.


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    I am planning to have a balloon decor on my daughters 1st Birthday…I am thinking on something like pics mentioned here and I have some of my own idea as well…Can anyone share no. of people who deal for such events. Help is much appreciated.


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