6 Spooky Party Decor Ideas For Halloween

Well today is Halloween night and if you have realized it late then no worries, you still have time to plan the evening. If you are planning on calling out your friends for a small get together or a party, then do make sure that your place sticks to the theme and this is how you can do it….

Monster lights– Replace your fairy light jars with these spooky monster lights. You can draw monster figures or faces on a paper and stick it around the jar or a bottle. Now simply drop a LED light or fairy lights inside the jar and you are done.

Spooky cornerBalloons and bats would make a great combination to decorate a corner of your home. You can use this idea to decorate the wall behind your serving table. Arrange the serving table against this wall and it will serve as a perfect background for your spooky dishes.

Balloon ghosts– You can hang these spooky creatures all around your home or at the entrance of your home. You can also use a lamp or a ball to create these creatures. Just throw white fabric over them and paint their faces.

The mummy door decor– Mummy door can be created easily with a lot of medical gauge and big pair of eyes. You can also use other stuff like spider cutouts on the door. Additionally you can keep pumpkin cutouts and lamps on the door to declare the ongoing hallowen celebration.

Window or glass decor– Pick anything like spider webs, bats, cats, pumkins or ghost cutouts and paste them on the windows. You can also use a see through curtain on this window to make it look more spookier.

Get the bathroom decor right– Well if you have guts then go and get your bathing room decorated like this. Well we won’t call it decor….but this is what you can do to surprise your guests.

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