6 Ways To Add A Halloween Touch To Your Food And Its Presentation

Though we have already spoken about home decor ideas for Halloween, but for a party the food and drinks menu along with their presentation details do matter a lot. So if you are planning on cooking yourself or are simply ordering from a restaurant, make sure that your presentation ideas win the show….

Spooky shapes– You can use any shape for the ice like that of a spider, skull or any other stuff to stay true to the Halloween theme. But if you don’t have ice moulds then simply take a few pieces of hand gloves and fill them with water. Secure them nicely and freeze. Once done cut the gloves and use these hands shaped ice for a spooky touch on your drinks.

Ice cream sweets– Serve ice creams in a cup filled with brownie dust at the top. To give a Halloween touch, place a small biscuit with RIP written on it. You can write this with chocolate.

Special straws and cups– You can serve simple drinks in disposables like this. Draw or stick monster faces on them and use a straw which can be decorated with paper cutouts of bats or spiders or even skull.

Monster cupcakes– Cupcakes and muffins can be given monster faces with the help of chocolate.

Pizza disks– Black olives are perfect to give that extra Halloween effect to your pizza disk.

Mummy look– Those simple tetra packs can look like this if you cover them up with gauge or white tape.

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