5 Things You Can Store In An Ice Tray

Ice tray are not just meant for ice cubes but there is a lot more what we can we do with it.

Here are few simple ideas which can be done using them…

Overripe fruits– What if the fruits you bought fresh become overripe, well don’t throw them.

Turn them into puree using a blender and pour into the ice cubes and freeze.

Your fresh fruit cubes are ready to be served. You can use them for fruit smoothies or turn them into a drink.

Chocolate cubes– Who doesn’t loves chocolate. Melt cooking chocolate and transfer it into an ice tray after it cools down and freeze. Whenever you want to have chocolate milk just grab a few of these cubes and add it to plain milk. Likewise you can make coffee cubes and enjoy cold coffee anytime by just adding plain milk.

Butter with herbs– Herbs add a lot of taste and goodness to the food. But what if you create your own versions of it with different herbs. Choose your own herbs like parsley, mint, sage, rosemary etc and place them in the cubes. Now fill them upto 75% with melted butter. You can freeze them and enjoy the butter cubes with fresh bread.

Store Chicken stock– The best way to store any stock whether vegetable or chicken is to turn them into ice cubes for long life. Simply melt them whenever you want to use them.

Lemon and mint cubes– In summers you should keep them prepared beforehand to serve instant lime and flavoured water. Squeeze in lemon water and store them in ice tray. You can add lemon chunks and mint leaves as an add up. Add a few cubes in ice tea and it will taste great.

Image reference: Pinterest

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