Happy Republic Day

A very happy republic day to all, and on this day we wish to share few things which seem to be very small but in a long run are essential for a healthy and a developed society.

Here they are….

Do not throw waste on roads– If you have been to other countries then you know what we mean. Rarely do we see any sort of waste lying on the roads. But on the contrary the situation here is a little opposite. Though small kids are now aware of the fact that we shouldn’t be throwing waste on the roads, but other people still need to learn a lesson from them. Cleanliness is next to godliness and we should remember this, always keep an extra carry bag while travelling so that you could keep the waste in it. So even if you don’t find a dustbin it can be discarded at home.

Respect Motherland– A lot of people have sacrificed their lives and comfort for the future of this country. Be it the freedom fighters or our soldiers on the borders. Believe us, its very hard to leave the family behind and do the duty so diligently and that too in climates so adverse which you and us can never even think off. They protect us by taking care of the borders but it is the duty of every citizen to protect the dignity of the motherland by their acts. Simple things like respecting and helping the tourists, keeping our cities clean, be courteous and helpful to all the citizens make a big difference. Small things like these make a positive atmosphere which is necessary for the development of a healthy society.

Respect and educate women– We wish that we didn’t had to write this but again we all know what we want to say. Still there are people who do not want a girl child, there are men and boys on our roads who would not leave a chance to molest a women. From where all this comes, we think its time to change the core mindset and only the women of the house can do it by starting it from her own house by educating her sons to respect women, by giving her girl child an equal opportunity like boys.


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