4 Instant Rangoli Ideas For Republic Day

Happy Republic Day to All our readers!

If you have been looking for some really quick ideas to decorate home on Republic day then preparing a quick rangoli is probably the best idea. Here are a few ideas which are really interesting to try on this day!

Wish Happy Republic day– You can use tricolor colors to create a base for the Rangoli and then write your wishes for the day over it. Now Use the same colors to create a floral border all around the rangoli.

Use fresh flowers– You can also use fresh flower petals to create an interesting Rangoli set up like this. Prepare something like this on the table top and your kids will just love it. You can also take help of the kids to prepare this sort of a rangoli as using fresh flower petals is completely safe for them.

Make floating Rangoli– You can also use fresh whole flowers and leaves to create a floating rangoli at your home or office. Just fill the bowl with water and use flowers in white and saffron to create rangoli like this. For green you can use fresh green leaves.

Rangoli in a jar– This one is an another great idea to go for. Use white and colored rice grains to create a rangoli in a jar. Draw emblem with a colored marker on the outer part of the glass. To make the things more interesting place a tea light candle above the topmost layer.

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