5 Ways To Decorate Home For Independence Day

Independence day is around the corner and there is so much that you can do to make this day truly special and please don’t just let it pass like any other holiday. Believe us the kids at home and even the elders will love spending some quality family time with each other as any kind of décor needs collaborative effort. Here are some very simple ideas…..

Decorate glass window or door– Decorating glass structure is best as you can see the décor from both the sides making the end purpose more meaningful. Take help of kites available in different colors and sizes to decorate the glass and it will give a patriotic vibe. If you can’t find them then make your own kites with the help of colored sheets and you will love the process.

Use Balloons– Well balloon décor is not just for valentines day and birthday celebrations, you can use them at home to create a nice patriotic ambience for Independence day. The kids will love seeing so many balloons at home and this will make them understand the importance of the day in a better way.

Water RangoliWater Rangoli is quick and easy to make. Pre arrange the flowers and leaves for this project and it will take a few minutes for you to arrange everything in a bowl. Keep it over console or on the side table along with some diya or candles.

Wall hanging– How about creating something special for your home for this day. You can create a special wall hanging or a light hanging in tricolor like this.

Create a photobooth– This one is truly special. Oder some props from amazon (link for photobooth props) and create a nice photo wall for your family and friends.

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