This Rakhsabandhan Gift Handmade Rakhi To Your Brother

So Rakhi is around the corner and like most of the sisters you too would be super excited to find the best available rakhi for your brother. But since years you have been purchasing it from the market, this year how about making one by yourself. Here are few simple ideas….

Photo rakhi– To add a personalized touch use a picture of yours with your brother to make a completely unique stuff. You can do this by using a base of thick cardborad unto which you can stick a picture of yours. Decide the shape you want for the rakhi and cut into that shape, you can choose a round, square or a rectangle. Make it more fancy by sticking pearls, zerkings, stones, feathers, pom pom, basically anything which makes it look good. Finally add a string to complete the piece, you can use pooja roli for this.

Wood button-Wooden button is a great base for making Rakhi. Just pick one in the size you want and stick a decorative flower piece on the top of it. For the string you can braid different colors of threads together or you can also use colored jute for a natural look.

Message Rakhi– Now this is a great way to express your feelings in words, which generally you fall short off while having a conversation. And it is super easy to make, just cut paper circles in different colors and sizes and stick them over each other. You can ornate it with paper flowers or other decorative studs and stones. Write a personalized message on one side and use a ribbon for the string. Using paper is the best material for this style as writing on paper gets easy.

Button it up– Buttons in different shapes look impressive on a Rakhi made for kids. You can make cloth or felt rakhis and pick up interesting shapes of fruits, stars, butterfly etc, basically shapes which kids would love to see on their hands, and use a colorful button at the top to keep the layers intact. Buttons in figures like parrot, peacock etc. look interesting too.

Gota Rakhi- If your brother loves traditional stuff, then nothing like a gota rakhi. Its super easy to make and adding pom pom and ghungroo to it makes it more apt for the occasion.

Image reference- Pinterest

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