6 DIY Rakhi Ideas For Rakshabandhan

Rakhi is around the corner and the preparations must be in full swing for the same day. The most important part is to select a perfect piece of Rakhi for your brother which is the most tedious task. You go through inumerous shops and closely check on each and every design that comes your way. But how about creating a rakhi on your own this Rakhsabandhan. Something which you create yourself has a charm of its own, which market bought stuff can never have. Here are a few ideas….

Use printed cloth– Printed cloth combined with colorful tassels make a pretty pretty rakhi. You can choose any printed cloth for this artwork, and combine it with matching or contrast color tassels and buttons to add a bit of fun element to the rakhi.

Real images are fun– Use real images of both of you as a sibling, the best would be using childhood images as it will drag you to some nostalgic moments spent together. Paste the picture on a cardborad and use any shape for the rakhi like a square, rectangle etc for the rakhi. Stick pearls and flowers to finish the contours of the product. Note that you can use a copy of a real image instead of cutting the real one.

Describe in a word– If you know a bit of hand embroidery then you can easily create something like this on a piece of cloth. Incase if you don’t, then take help of a machine embroiderer in your locality to do this for you. Use any interesting word which describes your brother in a word and seal it over a piece of cardboard. Use braided string for the tie up detail.

Glam it up with buttons– Wooden and printed porcelain buttons are an easy and quick substitute to add a finished element to a simple rakhi. Tie strings of threads on both the sides of the button to finish the product.

Quilling– For those who know this art it will be really interesting to use different colored papers to create a customized rakhi for their brothers.

Use broaches– To make a super fancy rakhi take help of readymade broaches and use them to create a rakhi of your own.

Image reference- Pinterest

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