Happy Hariyali Teej To Everyone

A very happy Hariyali Teej to everyone…. This year, Hariyali Teej falls on 3 August. For those who are not aware, we celebrate three Teej festivals across the country namely Hariyali Teej (also known as Sindhara Teej), Kajari Teej and Hartalika Teej.

Haryali Teej is celebrated on the third day of the bright half of the North Indian Lunar month of Shraavana. As the Saawan month falls during monsoon or rainy season when the surroundings become green, therefore Shraavana Teej is also called Hariyali Teej. The festival is also celebrated to remember the reunion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the day when Lord Shiva accepted Goddess Parvati as his wife in her 108 birth. Goddess Parvati is also known as Teej Mata and a fast is kept throughout the day by the married women for the well being and good health of their husbands.

This festival is also known as Sindhara were Sindhara refers to gifts such as clothes, bangles, bindi, mehndi etc which is given to married daughters by their mothers along with “Ghewar”, a special sweet which is considered very auspicious for the day.

The day basically starts with performing a pooja in the morning followed by a full day fast which is broken in the evening. Girls apply heena on the hands and feet a day before the Teej and are excused from the household chores on this day. Swings are hung everywhere so that the women could enjoy their day. The girls spend their day while singing and dancing and adorn traditional attires basically in hues of green, as this color is considered to be auspicious for the day.

According to Drikpanchang, the tithi or the auspicious time begins at 1.36 am and ends at 10.06 pm.

Meanwhile actor-politician Hema Malini performed at Sri Radha Raman Temple in Vrindavan during ‘jhulan utsav’ on the eve of Hariyali Teej.

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