How To Wear “POM POM Accessories, Jewellry, Clothes & More”

There is no denying that pom-poms are inherently funny. They can make something as simple as a white top feel like resort wear, and they can deftly brighten up an LBD that takes itself too seriously.

Like most fun things in life, though, there’s a dark side to pom-poms: They’re a bit easy to overdo. Adding one too many of these fuzzy little baubles risks making you look like you’ve just walked out of your neighbouring pre-schools seasonal arts fair. And that’s not fun at all.



Known for their colorful and exotic vibes, wearing a pom-pom piece will make it seem like you are on vacation even when you’re stuck at your desk. The key to styling these playful pieces is to keep the rest of your look simple and make them your focal point. From pom-pom hats to dresses and, even, sandals, accessories add in your wardrobe.


You can craft your shorts with POM POM. It looks great with jeans & cotton both stuff. But do not wear too tight shorts. Legging with POM POM useful for an artist to complete the costume. It is not useful for casual wear.


Pom-pom trims on clothes give a laid-back feel and are more suited for weekends or vacations.  For a more subtle interpretation of the trend, keep the size of the pom-pom small and on an unexpected part of your outfit, such as ankle socks or bracelets.


POM POM on shoes are so adorable. Nothing makes a better pop than a few well-placed POMS hanging off the straps of a pair of beachy summer flats. Try black if you want to be more subtle, or nude with rainbow POM POM for some extra flare. You can wear anklet or foot chain with this.


For a more casual look, you can try a bag with a POM POM charm, or go a bit louder with a bright cross body with colourful tassels around the edges. These bags looks great with both ethnic and casual looks but not with the formals.


You can try a pom pom necklace, fun choker, or colorful tasseled bracelet, earrings. If you have material you can craft your own design. For a modern and contemporary take on the trend, make the pompom accessory the statement piece of your outfit.


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