Love For All White

Wearing an all white look is something which most of the people are scared off, as it takes great effort to carry it with grace without doing a blunder. Here are few tips to wear all whites but the stylish way….

Contrast Bag and Footwear– Well most of the colors goes well with white, so contrast the look by wearing a contrast bag and footwear. You can choose neutral shades for office and formal wear, but choosing a bright shade like orange and other florescent colors is not a bad idea too.


Suit with contrast accents– An all white suit looks very stylish but should be taken care off as how to wear it in a stylish way.  It can be highlighted with a contrast piping all over and by matching accessories in the same color.


Contrast it with pastels– Well sometimes an all white look can be given a break by combining it with a very light pastel shade. It can either be the bottom, footwear or a scarf thrown around the neck.


Combining it with print– Including a black and white print for this look is a great pairing too. If you are not sure of how will you be able to carry the all white color, then this is the best way to start up with. It breaks the monotony of a solid color without distracting the look.


The Fur look– Fur goes very nicely with almost everything, but the way its carried here on one side, and taken around the shoulder instead of draping it around neck is interesting.


Layer it up– We generally think of wearing contrast shades while layering the look, but this picture shows us clearly that it can also be done in a single color. Just pick clothes with different textures, so that the layering is visible prominently.


Merge it with stripes– Thin and bold stripes with base as white can be paired with the look for a break.


Dress it up in all white– A knee length all white dress can be smartly paired with white flats.

All white look
All white look

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