Highlighter Footwear- Trend Alert For Summers

Highlighter footwear or the footwear in bright colors are really in nowadays. And since its summers, you can choose from nice fruity shades like pink, yellow, green etc. to highlight your look instantly. Just remember to keep it a little subtle and style your look intelligently, as you would not want to look like a pop of colors at the end of the day. So match tone on tone separates, or go for monochromatic hues and finally finish the look by wearing a nice pop up color as a footwear. Here is how you can do it….

Pink -Bright pink like Fuscia or bubblegum pink would be an apt color to try in summers. Get a pair of flats in this color and you can easily wear it with regular denims.

Bright Tangerine– Or the bright red color is a color which would look great with a classic striped shirt dress. You can also wear it with flowy dresses in cool colors like green, blue, purple etc. Tangerine will also go perfectly with the neutral color dresses like white, black and beige. The best thing about this shade is that though it is a super bright color, it does not overpowers the look unlike the other bright shades like yellow or pink.

Blue– If you want to play safe with this trend then this color is the safest bet.

Green– Animal prints are in vogue this season, try pairing this shade with your animal print dresses and it will look super cool.

Yellow– And how about wearing yellow…this reminds us of the 80’s songs. Nothing would look better if you try this once, and if you do not have a heart of wearing an all yellow footwear, then you can also choose a shaded one for yourself. Try wearing a bright yellow shade with lighter colors like white, light blue etc. so that it balances the entire look. If you wish to wear something with the darker shades then tangerine, fuscia or the bright blue will be better colors to pair. But just follow your instincts..

Riot of colors– A good footwear with pop of several colors is also welcomed this season.

Play it smart– If you are not comfortable wearing a single bright color then footwear with bright color accents can work for you. It can be a strap in a bright color, or the heels in contrast colors or even the insole can be in a nice fruity color.

Vibrant prints and patterns– Yes, they do serve as a complete highlighter shoes, keep the dressing simple and let the shoes do all the talking.

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