7 Ways To Revamp An Old White Shirt

White shirt is a must have thing in a wardrobe, but what when you get bored of wearing the same style again and again. Well here are few ways how you can revamp an old white shirt….

Sew a different look– Chopping off the collar to make a U neckline will convert the shirt into a top, and will definitely give the shirt a new style. Chop off the sleeves to make it look more classy. You can get a normal cap sleeve done, but a short sleeve with turned over hem will look best on this style.

Off shoulder style– Cut the upper part of the sleeves and the body of the shirt to achieve this look. Now sew in an elastic to that entire area and voila! your new off shoulder top is ready.

Halter top– For a stylish and modern take on a white shirt this halter style cut is definitely a thing to try.

Lace insertlace inserts is a creative project which has many prospects as it can be done in so many styles, but the easiest of all of them is to simply use them on the sleeves. You can also use it over the pockets or replace the fabric pocket with a lace one.

Pearl embellishedPearl work is a perfect embellishment for white shirts, pearls go nicely with the white background and makes the shirt look classy and sassy without overdoing the look. So if you want a subtle embroidered or embellished look then go for pearl work. Think of a pattern and just sew them, you can even buy the flat pearls from the market which just needs to be pasted with the help of a fabric glue.

Embellished collar– Pick stones and zerkins in different sizes and shapes and sew them to your collar for a bling look.

Broaches– Pick up small ready made broaches from the market and sew them like this on the front.

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