Style Your Saree’s With A White Shirt For A Contemporary Look

Every girl has a white shirt in her wardrobe, but this classic piece is not meant to be worn only with trouser or a pair of jeans. Infact you can very very easily style it with a traditional saree. Here is how to do it….

Wrap the palla as a shawl– If you want to introduce a stylish belt in your look then drape your palla like a shawl, basically around your shoulders and then secure it with a belt at the waist. This drape will give your shirt saree look a perfect modern twist.

Wear your saree like a skirt– You can also try this interesting drape where you can wear the saree like a skirt and drape a well pleated palla hanging over one shoulder. Now you can either wear the palla like this, or drape it in a seedha palla style. Don’t forget to wear a chunky neck-piece as it will highlight the collar area.

Style with a long shirt-You can also style your saree with a long white shirt. You can also try using a lot of bold neck-pieces to balance out the entire look.

Tie up detail– To add a touch of style you can choose to wear a shirt with a front tie up detail.

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