5 Stylish Ways To Secure A Saree Palla

Saree is one garment which has millions of possibilities. Right from the ways to drape and how to style and many more, well the ideas are never ending. And one such idea is to work on how to secure the palla. And believe us, this one purpose brings along so many different possibilities to explore and work with. So next time when you think of a mess free saree drape, do try your hands on these ideas….

Sleeves attachment– A gathered sleeve can have a bow attachment which can be use to secure the palla just like a broach.

Waist belt– Broad waistbands come in different designs, shapes and sizes. They add a nice trendy touch to the garment and also make sure to hold the palla at the waist, which makes it easy to carry over the shoulders. The waist belt also confirms that the drape remains intact and mess free.

Cross over blouse– Asymmetric blouses are very common nowadays. They can be done in so many ways like a full cross over or a band style cross over which replicates a belt style. Well this is a great way to tie the palla at the side to keep the drape at place.

Shoulder flaps– You can also have flaps on the blouse to secure the palla at place. These flaps can either be plain or highlighted with eye catchy embroidery. You can also make them detachable by securing with a press button.

The bow style– Just like the flaps you can also have bow attachments on the shoulders of the blouse for the saree palla to pass through them.

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