8 Ways To Revamp Your Denims With Handpaint

Denim is one garment with which you can do a lot of experiments. There are so many different ways with which you can revamp the look of your denims, one of them being the handpaint ideas. But the placement and the pattern as how to do it really matters and this is how you can do it with these ideas…..

Slogans– Denims with printed slogans look really cool. You can pour out your heart here while creating this artwork. You can either create the artwork all over, or just create it on one panel.

All over– You can also create an all over pattern on the denim where your pattern can be just haphazard, where you do not have to follow a motif or a fixed pattern.

Pockets– The best way to highlight the pockets is to paint them. You can pick any motif and paint them in the middle of the pocket or go a little creative on the sides of the pocket.

Printed hemlines– To make the hemlines more interesting use this area to paint interesting motifs or concepts which would make the denim all worth.

Single color motifs– To play with a subtle look try going for motifs done in single color. This will make the design look elegant yet playful at the same time.

One sided love– You can also use handpainted motifs on one side of the denim while keeping the other side plain.

Folded hemlines– If you have decided to cut the extra length then do give this idea a thought. You can simply paint the inner area of the hemline and fold it to look like this.

Side seams– Working around the outer seam of the denim is also a great idea as it is the part which is visible the most.

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