5 Flare Sleeve Blouse Designs To Experiment With Different Fabrics

Adding flare sleeves to your blouse design gives this traditional piece a contemporary touch. By adding this sleeve style, the blouse looks striking and is a great way to explore a new silhouette in this category. But different fabrics produce different results, the softer the fabric more fluid will be the result and vice versa. Here is how to experiment with different fabric choices for this sleeve type.

Soft Satin drape– A soft satin drape will always be a little droopy, again the results will vary depending upon the weight of the satin you choose. Its best to combine it with a medium cuff at the end. The cuff will ensure to make the sleeve drape properly and will make it look more voluminous.

See through Organza– If you are eyeing on a see through style then do go for plain or printed organza fabrics. And though these fabrics are soft in feel but the drape will be somewhat stiff.

Prints– When eyeing on matching printed ensemble do give flare sleeve blouse a try, it will look gorgeous. Especially the ones done in printed georgette’s will come out nicely in this style.

Light embroidery– Light weight embroidery done over chiffon’s are great too.

Mix and match patterns– You can also mix and match prints with tulle in layers. A layered net sleeve, mixed with a pre embroidered net or organza is also great to experiment with.

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