5 Blouse Styles Which Are Worth Having In Your Wardrobe

Modern blouses are experimental and also look chic, and who said that that you can’t experiment with them. Look at these truly worth having modern styles….

Bishop sleeve– A bishop sleeve blouse in a stiff shiny fabric adds a dramatic touch to the regular saree blouse sets. Just remember to choose the right kind of fabric, because if you choose a soft flowy fabric for this style then the result won’t be the same as how it looks in the picture.

The length of the sleeve varies too, as some prefer to take a full length sleeve but we suggest to go in for a 3/4th length as it looks perfect. And V neck is the best neckline to choose for this sleeve type, though you can choose from the other styles as well.

Flounced sleeve– It is a perfect sleeve for the fabrics which are flowy and light like the georgette and the chiffon’s. So if you have a saree in these fabrics and have been thinking on how to style your blouse then go for a flounced sleeve. You can also get it done without the slit on the upper part, though it looks sexy.

Tulip sleeve– Tulip designs have been in fashion since quite sometime, be it the tulip pants or the sleeves everything looks gorgeous. Now again if you want a raised and a stiff silhouette like this then choose a fabric which is not so drapable, for example the Brocade’s. And off course you can choose lighter fabrics for a settled effect.

Double layered– The layered style are also very much in fashion right now and is one sleeve style which looks equally amazing on all kinds of fabrics.

The Layered ruffles– Organza or a tulle or net are the best fabrics to try this style. The multi layered effect over the sleeveless blouse is the perfect silhouette to add a girlish look to your modern drape.

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