4 Ways To Style A Puff Sleeve Embroidered Blouse

Puff sleeves add a very feminine touch to any design. And when you want to give your traditional saree blouse a bit of a modern twist then this kind of sleeves is great to go for. They can be done in various lengths, but the most common length which suits every body type and design is a half sleeve length. So this summer do try a puff sleeve blouse with your saree’s.

Puff with embroidered stripes– If you are going to have half sleeves then you can further divide the length and have half sleeves in puff, and the bottom half in a fitted look. Hand embroidery on the lower half makes this piece stand out. You can also use pre-embroidered or self textured fabric in the same color for the bottom half.

Organza sleeves– Sleeves in sheer look so chic and you can choose fabrics like net or organza for your puff sleeves. Finish the look with a heavily embroidered sleeve cuff which will add a design texture on the sleeves.

Knife pleat puff sleeves– For a bit dramatic look you can go for pleated sleeve where each pleat is nicely structured and finished to give a 3-D look. For the bottom part you can either use a similar color brocade or lace, or you can even get a customized embroidered cuff in the similar shade. Don’t forget to add small beads to the pleated area.

Sleek cuts– And if you are looking for some really different way to wear a puff sleeve then go for some really out of the box cuts like in the picture. The blend of solid fabric and the sheer fabric marked in a sharp V cut, and ornated with hand embroidery is the one of the best designs which we have seen for a puff sleeve.

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