Flare Or Flounce sleeve Ideas for Kurta And Kurti’s

Flare sleeves definitely look super fashionable and are trending nowadays. You can use them for saree blouse, regular tops or even for your kurta‘s and Kurti’s. Here are a few inspirations..

Tie up details– You can add a nice tie up detail at the sleeve’s attachment. It will look attractive and will also help in sleeve adjustment. Use eye catchy tassels for the tie up detail.

Double layered flounce– Create a dramatic effect by using layers for your flounce sleeve. Highlight them with a contrast color fancy ribbon attachment.

Use fabric bows– Fabric bows will definitely give a regular flounce sleeve a fashionable kick.Make sure that the ribbon width is neither too wide, nor too thin for the perfect bow effect.

Fabric art– You can also use different fabric art techniques to create various effects on your sleeve. Like using fabric piping or stripes, cutwork, beadwork and what not.

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