5 Ways To Get Your Plain Blouse Done

You get a lot of options to make the back of the blouses look designer and gorgeous. But what if you want to take a break, and want to work on how a blouse looks at the front. Well here are a few ides for you….

The tie up detail– Front tie up detail has been in fashion since some time. If you are planning on getting a plain blouse done, then this feature will really add to the look of your blouse. This style gives a nice belted look to the saree blouse and is also functional as the tie up detail locks in your palla at place, making the saree easy to wear.

The flounce– You can also make your plain blouse look gorgeous by adding a flounce detail to it. But this flounce is different as it is not attached to the sleeves but to the body of the blouse. Well this flounce is sewed with the princess cut at the front and at the back, and the results are completely different from a regular flounce sleeve.

The frills– These beautifully done tiny frills look so perfect with a strap blouse. This is something you can wear when you want to look a bit sexy.

The puff– A puff sleeve blouse goes beautifully with a printed saree. So if you have one then don’t forget to try this blouse style.

The cape look– Though we won’t label it as a cape, but you can definitely try a smaller version of a look alike over the neckline of the blouse. How wide you want this additional detail to be is upto you.

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