Inspiring Zipper Styles For Saree Blouses

Zipper details are becoming highly fashionable nowadays. From kurtas to kutis, dresses, cholis everything can be seen in this detail. Undoubtedly they look trendy and give a contemporary closing mechanism, to the otherwise simple button closures. Here are few styles how blouses for sarees can be styled using this detail.


Back Zipper For Blouse– A simple yet high on design detail well patterned sleeveless blouse. Back open zipper detailing makes it a stylish option to go for. The tassels hanging from the zipper makes it more interesting and adds a traditional look too to it. A very delicate detailing of embroidery can be given around the zipper too like in the picture.


Front Zipper style– Zippers look good when they are used like decorative elements, rather then just being used for functional purposes. A small detail in contrast around the zipper in embroidery or plain fabric or a lace makes it more predominant. This embroidered blouse with front zip opening details looks interesting and looks good with both traditional and contemporary sarees.


Long Zippered blouses– Long blouses are in fashion. If you want to get rid of the typical saree blouse style, then this is what you can go for. A simple, front open Peplum blouse or otherwise a long Top style blouse lifts up the spirit of any ordinary looking saree.


Shoulder epaulettes and zipper– Blouse with shoulder epaulettes and front zipper is a stylish combination for modern day sarees. Embroidered or just plain, they can turn any simple plain saree into an interesting look as they are high on style quotient.


Stylized Zipper blouse– Boat neck with a slight cut and front zipper for the people who are a fan of boat neck styles. They end a little below the actual neckline, creating a slight open illusion.

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  1. I like blue ( greenish blue?) with glass bordered saree with Kurti with glass work front. Like to have 3/4 sleeves rather short sleeves. Like to know details and price about the set ( saree and kurti and kurti alone on order). Please do let us know.

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