Back Blouse Neck Design In V Cut

Back blouse neck can be done in many ways. There are so many design elements which can be added to the neck designs, and a V neck cut looks simply amazing. Here are a few inspirational designs…..

Go for side cuts– A deep V shaped back neck is well complimented with triangle cuts on the sides.

Ply with hemlines– Hemline detailing can be really interesting at times. So why not opt for a V shaped hemline instead of the the straight one.

The zipper detail– A small inverted v cut along with a Dori tie-up detail at the hemline is a great design detail for a blouse with a back zipper detail.

The backless style– The inverted V cut backless design gives more coverage than the regular V cut and therefore gives more space for the embroideries to show up.

Bow detail– Tie-up bow detail is another great design element that goes with the V cut neck design.

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