How to use bow detailing for different garments

Bow details add a fun element to your dressing, and definitely make up for a good change than using the regular design details. If you want to add a feminine detail to your garment then using a bow is always high on the list. Here is how you can explore more ways of using it for yourself….

Highlight Blouse hem– A big broad bow can surely make your plain blouse look like million bucks. Use it to highlight the hemline of the blouse.

Skirt Belt– Plain skirts, or even the printed ones look simply amazing when paired with a exaggerated bow detailing. Use it as a design detail for the skirt belt.

Bow it up on neck– A boat neckline can have an additional design detail in the form of a bow tie up, falling on the side front.

Wide neck dress– Thinking of how to make your dress look more girly and feminine, well take a look at this dress where a wide back neck is secured nicely with a long bow tie up.

Use for trousers– If your trousers are designed to have a cropped, skin tight look, then you can use bow tie upsto make the look more workable.

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