6 Ways To Use A Brocade Border For Saree Blouse

What is the first thing that comes to mind when designing a blouse with brocade border. Well its using the border on sleeves right! But there are so many other ways to use the border, and we are going to dig deep into this issue here. This article will show you how to use your silk or brocade borders in different ways for your blouse. So save these interesting ideas for your reference….

Use it on neck– A broad U shape border perfectly goes with necklines like jewel neck or boat neck. You can skip this detail on the front and get this done at the back for more visibility.

Center back design– The straight borders can also be used vertically at the center back. It is a perfect way to finish blouse design with back opening. Pintucks, zari or thread detailing along with the border on both the sides make the blouse look more unique.

Straight patti at the back– A brocade border can also be used horizontally at the upper back. If your border is broad then do try this design. Alternatively you can also use the same border to highlight the V shape neck at the back.

Diagonal lines– To make the maximum use of your borders you can have this simple design where brocade borders can be used diagonally all over the back of the blouse.

Peekaboo highlight– We call it peekaboo highlight because only a small part of the border is used to highlight the hemline of the back blouse. This is a perfect design for the blouse which has two or more textures as there little border highlighting will also work.

Diamond shape– As the picture suggests, the brocade borders can be easily used to highlight the diamond shape neckline for the back of the blouse.

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