8 Double Neckline Ideas For Your Next Blouse Design

Deciding neckline for the blouses is a great task. While really working on a design all you remember is a few basic necklines. But these super interesting double neckline ideas will prove a great resource of inspiration for your next blouse design.

Matka with U neck– This blouse style can be done with or without the collar, where the matka neck goes a little lower and has an insert of a U neck embroidered panel at the center.

Jewel neck with regular U neck– If you want to give a new twist to the regular U neckline blouses, then go for a double neckline design like this. A jewel neckline extension which goes similarly at the back is great to adorn with plain sarees.

Halter with sleeveless– A choker style halter neck is perfectly designed with a regular sleeveless blouse which looks interesting.

Shirt collar with a twist– To add a touch of fusion to your saree blouse styling you can choose for a shirt style blouse with a stand collar. To add a double neckline design match it up with a regular spaghetti strap design.

The sleeveless style– A regular sleeveless blouse with a jewel neck can look totally different when designed with a V cut at the princess cut line.

Jewel neck with Asymmetric U neck– A regular jewel neck is beautifully done with a deep U neck on one side, and a colorful embroidery on the other side.

Boat neck with cutout pattern– A regular boat neck can be done with a twist by adding a cutout pattern at the center front.

Jacket style design– Overlapping flap done in a jacket style looks super good with the regular U neck design.

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