Wear Satin Skirts In Style This Winter

Satin as a fabric has made a huge comeback this season which is quite evident with the way our Bollywood celebs have flaunted this trend in recent times. But it is very important to style this fabric properly as overdoing it can completely kill the look of it. Now, here are a few ways how you can style a satin skirt in winters….

Monocromatic outfit– One of the best ways to wear a satin skirt is to team it up with something in similar color. Since satin has a different sheen and texture, so the moment you pair it with an another fabric it becomes distinctive. In order to play safe, its always better to wear it with an upper in the same color tone. In this case a matching sweater and a satin skirt go perfectly with the white sneakers.

Go sexy with an overcoat– A cropped top will look great with a pencil fit satin skirt. But since both the garments are quite fitted you will have to introduce a silhouette which is a little flowy. Use a long length overcoat here to beat the cold in style.

Formal wear– And you can always carry this fabric for formal wear. Just pair a satin skirt with a turtle neck sweater and a well constructed jacket and you are done for the office wear.

Leather jackets look cool– Satin and leather go down very well with each other. So don’t shy away from mixing the two opposite textures.

Use Belt as an accessory– Use a good quality belt at the waist to accessorize the look a bit. You can use this trick with the sweaters, pull overs and overcoats.

Color block– Remember the next big thing this season, well its the color block trend where two opposite colors from the color wheel come together in one attire. Well try it with your satin ensemble too.

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