5 Kurta Sets Which You Can Design Using Single Lace

Designing kurta sets for yourself can be quite challenging at times when you are looking for something simpler and unique. But not always you need tons of embroidery or laces to look ravishing, when you can design stunning pieces with just single laces. Here are a few design inspirations…..

Thick gota lace– One thick gota lace can make your entire suit set look gorgeous. Don’t believe us…then have a look at this pic. Just use it on the hemline, sleeves and over your entire dupatta in a simple check pattern. You can also use it on the hemlines of your pants to match it up with the rest of the suit set.

Pom pom lace– The colorful pom pom lace is a style savior in many ways. It just peps up any piece on which it is used with its riots of colors. But unlike the other laces you cannot use it just anywhere. Since it is meant to finish just the hemlines of the silhouettes, therfore you can finish the hemlines and sleeves of the kurta with this lace. Also use it as a finishing lace for your dupatta and if you are going to wear high rise pants or cropped pants then this lace would definitely go with them.

Try finishing laces– There are several finishing laces available the market with with you can create deigns on your suit set. For example use a zig zag lace on the seams of the neckline placket and hemline of the kurta. Same lace can be used to highlight the seam areas of the sharara.

The princess style– Princess cut kurta has inunumerous possibility to play with a single lace design idea. Use simple lines and cris cross patterns to create designs on the set.

The printed or embroidered laces– Block printed or embroidered laces or borders go pretty well with any Indian attire. Use them in multiple lines on the sleeves of the kurta to make it look unique. You can also use the same design pattern for the bottom.

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