8 Hemline Design Details To Watch Out For Your Kurta’s

An interesting hemline makes even a plain kurta look trendy and fashionable. And when you have so many different options to explore from, then why opt for a plain hemline. Here are a few design details to watch out for….

Use thread tassels– A tassel lace or customized thread tassels can be used at the hemline of the kurta to give it a sexy look. And tassels anyways are really in fashion right now so you can definitely use a lot of them.

Long fringes– A short kurta can have an illusionary length in the form of really long fringes. Wear this kurta with a cropped fitted pant.

Cone fabric tassels– A double layered fabric tassel along with a beaded element hanging in the middle can be used to accentuate your kurta hemline. You can also use the same design detail for the sleeves.

Patch laces– Extra wide cotton laces can also be patched on to a printed kurta to give it a contrast border look at the bottom.

Beaded Tassel lace– This is the simplest of all the design elements as it is readily available in the market. All you have to do is to sew it directly to the hem.

Frill– Net or organza frills look great too. Make sure not to overdo them.

See through border– A border in net or organza fabric can be used to extend the length of the kurta. Use floral or any other lace of your choice as a border.

Flat pipings– Flat pipings can be used to create various patterns like lines or zig-zag or triangles and they look quite interesting.

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