Fabric Tassel Ideas For Indian Clothing

Though tassels can be made in many ways, the ones made with fabric always look special as they can be explored and done in so many ways. You can use them as-is, or embellish them the way you want. Here are a few fabric tassel ideas…

Shape cutouts– Simple shapes like square, diamond, circle, triangle stitched in two or three layers can be further joined together to form an eye catchy tassel. These tassels can have lace details as embellishments or any other detail matching with the attire.

Cushion Tassels– Theses tassels are in fashion and have many variations to it. You can make it in any shape, and many other elements like thread tassels or simple beads can accompany these cushion tassels to finish the look. Many a times the name of the bride and groom, or simple peppy phrases are embroidered on these cushion tassels to make them look unique.

Tulle to make a mark– When it comes to contemporary dressing, traditional tassels don’t go with them. In order to add a fun element to modern dresses using tulle or net fabric for tassels is great. You can also fuse net in different colors together.

Fabric flowers– If you know how to make fabric petals then you would probably know how to make this fabric flower tassel. It just needs simple sewing technique to make this one.

Embroidered tassels– Fabric cutout tassels with nice embroideries on them is also a huge trend, where you can match motifs of your garment with the tassels.

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