Gorgeous Tassel Styles For Garments

In ethnic wear tassel always gets a special place and are regarded as a very important part of the garment. Good tassel makes any garment look special and gorgeous. Here are few tassel styles to try……

Thread Tassels and balls– This is one of the simplest and the most widely used tassel style. Pair small thread tassels with embroidered balls made of cloth and bunch them up for a heavy ornate look. You can use them with the back doori and also on the lower back so that they look fuller and heavy.

Kathputli style– We all are aware of the famous kathputli from the state of Rajasthan as it is extensively used for decor purposes. But do you know that it can also be used as a figure tassel for your garment too. Pick small kathputlis according to the color of your garment, you can also mix and match few gota circles or gota balls with it to add a bling effect to them.

Lace and net– For the net lovers this tassel style is a fairytale thing which you cannot resist wearing. Just cut a round circle from the net fabric and use a piece of lace to fasten it along with some colored balls and thread for tying it. You can either make it in single color or use cuttings from two three colors and tie them together to make a single colorful tassel.

Cushion Tassel– This newly found tassel style is very much in fashion right now, all you have to do is to create a small cushion like stuff with the leftover pieces and fill the inside with small cuttings of the cloth or fibre filling. You can then mix and match it up with numerous ideas like using fabric cuttings or bead hangings etc.

Mirror Tassel– These colorful tassels are great to add the much needed bling and dose of colors to your garments.

Figure tassels– Wooden beads in animal figures are great for tassels too. Combine them with normal tassel styles to make them unique.

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