6 Blouse Designs Which Look Striking With A Back Doori Detail

Blouse with a back doori design detail never goes out of fashion. The best part is that it goes well with a ethnic cut, and also looks ravishing on a fusion or a contemporary design. And if you are someone who simply loves to flaunt this very sexy style then here are a few ways to do it….

The pentagon– Yeahhh…if you go by the shape then a pentagon cutout would look really interesting when done with a tie up detail at the back. You can also hang a decorative tassel to the tie up or the doori to make it look more striking.

The three layers– A simple half circle cutout can be fastened with tie up detail. And you can make this in multiple layers.

Inverted V– An inverted V design finished with tassels looks impressive with multi tie up details at the lower half.

Use tassels– Your regular tie up detail blouse can look more interesting with the addition of a simple tassel lace at the back. You can choose a lace with short tassels, or there are versions available which have longer tassels.

The drop shape– A drop shaped back can have a tie up detail at the lower back, or you can also have a tie up detail at the upper back. If not, then you can have a simple hook closure for the upper part, or you can even go for a small tassel attachment with the closure.

The side detail– And you can also have a tie up detail on one side of back of the blouse. Make it look interesting by adding a few design elements like a piece of jewellery.

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