6 Doori Inspired Back Neckline Designs To Try For Your Next Kurta

When getting your suit piece done, the first thing which hits you is like which neckline to choose from. And though there are any options to choose from, but we still get perplexed as what to choose for ourselves. So if you are a fan of latkan or doori inspired necklines, then here are a few options to explore from…..

Matka neck-Though this is a very common neckline but whenever done it still manages to win hearts. A matka neckline combined with a jeweled neckline and doori tie up detail looks perfect for any typical traditional kurta.

Rectangle shape– A rectangle shape neckline is an another good looking style to try from. You can either use a regular tie up detail or use loops and doori’s to create a covered style like this.

Doori with broad loops– Now doori can be inserted to the regular loops or you can play with the broad inserts as well. Use them in the same color or use a contrast shade to create an effect. You can also try with different shapes of inserts here like the triangle or the square or the glass shape like in the picture.

Round neck– A simple round neckline will look more compelling when done in deep cut. You can use doori tie up detail here but with the one which has a lot of fabric attachments to it. You can also use different design details to make your kurta latkan more interesting, like using different beads or embroidered patches and many more.

U shape– To make a U shape neckline more interesting simply use a broad patch for your doori’s. This patch can be done in a single look or you can also have multiple ones depending upon the size of the neckline.

Double sweetheart– Double necklines look striking too. You can create this effect with the sweetheart shape or you can also use other shapes like a circle and so on.

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