5 Alluring Potli Button Necklines For Kurta And Kurti’s

Potli buttons needs no introduction…..they are your safest bet when nothing else works, and manage to look elegant and gorgeous whenever put to use. They come handy to use when designing necklines for kurta or kurti’s and can be used in so many ways. Well here are a few ways to design your necklines with the help of potli buttons….

Potli buttons with loops– Potli buttons looks excellent when done with loops. But do make sure that you do the buttons and the loops in the same color otherwise they will look a complete mismatch.

Potli buttons with piping– To finish the neckline one can also use fabric cutouts along with the potli buttons. You can use the fabric detail to finish the front plackets or the front opening.

Play with the placement– Instead of using the potli buttons back to back in a line, you can break the pattern and use them in a group of two or three, leave some space and repeat.

Highlight patchwork– If your neckline has a patchwork then its a good idea to highlight it with potli buttons. Potli buttons will add a nice 3-D look to the regular patchwork.

Asymmetric design– You can also use the buttons to highlight one side of the neckline for a nice asymmetric look.

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