5 Ways To Create A Perfect Fusion Look Through Kurta And A Pair Of Denim

When you really wish to flaunt a fusion look then opting for a kurta and denim look is the best. Its one of the best combination when you want to wear something comfortable and quick without looking messy. But there are so many ways to wear this trend and a few are listed here….

Front open style– The front open long kurta goes very well with a pair of denim, and you can decide how open you want to keep the kurta. For example you can keep the length of the kurta open uptill your denim length for a smart look. This long kurta is an excellent way to fake height, so all those petite girls who have been dying to look long can try wearing the things this way. And do not forget to wear heels to compliment the look.

Princess cut slit– The princess cut kurta looks gorgeous always. Its one style which is a perfect fusion wear which makes it an another great option to pair with denims.

White is classic– White is a classic color which never fails to looks its best. And when paired with blue denims the combination looks truly worthy. So when in doubt, match your white kurta with a blue denim and some traditional jewelry and you will be all set to go.

Anarkali style– And if you thought that only straight kurta’s are great then have a look at this. You can also wear an anrakali with a pair of light denims. To add an ethnic touch accessorize your look with traditional jewelry.

High side slit– Kurta with high slits on one side look appealing. You can also try pairing them with denims.

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