Summer Kurta Designs With Princess Cut Slits

If side slits seem boring to you, then try going in for princess cut slits this summer. They look gorgeous and is a great substitute to the side slits. And there are so many different ways to try this design element, a few are like these…

A Line Printed sleeveless– A simple printed kurta can be made to look more stylish when done in a princess slit style. It will add a design element to your otherwise simple printed kurta’s.

Front wrap yoke style– A yoke style asymmetric front open neckline is best complimented with a princess line slit. A yoke style kurta is generally done with side slits, but how about trying a princess slit the next time.

Double slits– Double front slits is something which looks good when going for a little more flare at the bottom. So if you are planning on a A line silhouette then double slits will look gorgeous on the kurta. And if your pants have certain design details which you would like to flaunt, then you already know that this style would serve as a perfect design there.

Straight cut kurta– A straight cut kurta can also be done in this style provided that the side slits are also incorporated in the design. The side slits are important when doing a straight cut, or otherwise it becomes difficult to walk in the absence of the slits.

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