7 Design Details For Bottoms To Give Your Regular Kurta Pyjama A Fashionable Kick

Small design details like sewing a pintuck or a pleat or even adding a few strands of pearls to the bottom like a pant or a palazzo can really make a huge difference to the overall look of the garment. Here are a few design details which you can try for the bottoms to go with your kurta’s.

Button up– You can wear this pant style along with a short kurti style top. Though the side pockets can be given a miss but you can add them in the form of a slit pocket instead of patch one. You can either get the button detail at the front or along with the side seams according to your comfort.

Use crystal and pearls– Give side openings a touch of bling by using strings of crystals and pearls to attach both the ends.

Tassels– Go for matching or contrast color tassels to sew at the hemline of the pants or palazzo’s. This style looks more appealing when done on a high rise length.

Go for flirty frills– Frills add a feminine touch to the garment and is an apt detail to try on the hemline of the pant.

Use laces– Pretty cotton laces in different designs and widths can be used to decorate the hemlines.

Patchwork– Go creative and use different patchwork patterns to use for the hemlines. Use pearls or potli buttons to accompany them.

Pin-tucks and laces– Lacework and pintucks look great when combined together.

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