Wear Oversized Sweaters And Pullovers In Style

A pullover or a sweater is a must have clothing piece in any wardrobe. But an oversized sweater is something which can be carried in so many different ways and looks super fashionable at the same time. Here is how to style your look with them….

Wear it with a short skirt– Pick a woolen skirt in check pattern to go with your plain pullover. You can also wear a broad belt in matching color to make a a fashionable statement.

Pair it with loose denims– Wear a sweater with regular boyfriend denim, and accessorize the look with a winter cap and chunky studs.

Make an awesome combination with pleated skirt– Pleated skirts are very much in fashion and you can wear them with your favorite plain sweater or pullover. Use a knotted headband to accessorize your hair with this look.

Style with a leather jacket– A leather jacket is an another must have piece for winters. Wear it with a pullover to beat the cold in style.

Use an overcoat– For severe cold weather you can use an overcoat to go above the pullover like this.

Accessorize with a belt– To accessorize your plain sweater a bit, take help of a belt and tie it up at the waist.

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